Warranty Coverage Explanation

  • Warranty term limits are identified on the individual sales invoice for the unit purchased.  Coverage expires when time or miles is exceeded. Unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase, coverage includes parts and labor for cars and light trucks, ¾ ton and below.
  • Standard warranty does not include vehicles used for commercial purposes and trucks one ton and above.
  • Coverage begins at the date on the Sales Order.  Arrangements must be made prior to purchase if unit is not to be installed immediately.  The coverage start date and expiration dates remain the same throughout the entire warranty period and do NOT start over again if a unit and/or parts are replaced during the warranty terms
  • Units purchased by warranty or service contract companies vary in coverage beyond the end of the customer’s contract. Please consult your provider and Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. unless otherwise approved by Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. and customer listed on the invoice, units purchased on your behalf by a service contract or Warranty Company, warranty is valid for terms on invoice or the remainder of your policy, whichever ends first.
  • If the covered unit is transferred to an end user besides the customer listed on the invoice, the transferring customer agrees to provide a copy of this Warranty to that end user, who agrees to its terms unless that user otherwise notifies Dahmer Powertrain, Inc.
  • If vehicle usage or customer information is incorrectly or falsely conveyed at the time of sale, warranty is void.
  • Warranty is valid on vehicles that are equipped as purchased from the original manufacturer. Coverage is not extended on vehicles modified in any manner affecting the supplied component, which may include but is not limited to: air intake or fuel systems, engine controllers (or modified software), exhaust system, ride height, tire size, or removal of factory-installed emissions equipment.


  • Mechanical failures, manufacturing or component defects of parts supplied by Dahmer Powertrain, Inc.
  • Reasonable and customary diagnostic charges in conjunction with covered repairs
  • Labor time for replacement of covered units based on nationally published labor guides including Alldata, ProDemand and Motors.  Reynolds/SPG and Real Time are not recognized labor guides.  Matrix or grid pricing is not accepted; all labor times are paid on a rate per hour only. There is NO labor coverage for self-installed, do-it-yourself installs, or units installed by non-licensed repair facilities.
  • Small parts, such as compressors, pumps, injectors, etc. carry a part-only warranty
    Gaskets installed by the remanufacturer are covered. NOTE: Any gaskets supplied as a courtesy by the remanufacturer and installed by repair facility are NOT covered.
  • Associated small parts, gaskets, seals, and/or sealants required on a covered repairParts prices not to exceed OEM MSRP or aftermarket online parts price at local parts store.  Accessories included with a complete long block (including, but not limited to; fuel system components, engine sensors, water pumps, emissions control items, throttle body) are covered for 30 days


Warranty is transferable one time for a $50 charge.  Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. must be notified in writing within 30 business days of vehicle sale or warranty is void.  Warranty transfer is only valid on individual-to-individual sales.  Individual selling the vehicle must provide verifiable maintenance receipts for the time period of their ownership of the unit.  Warranty is not transferable to dealers or brokers, or through consignment sales. Transfer fee does not apply to units purchased by dealers or resellers and resold (A time limit may be imposed on maximum shelf life before warranty coverage begins regardless of installation). Warranty void if unit is installed in a vehicle and removed to be installed in another vehicle. Warranty coverage is verified by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Unit Serial Number.

Claims Procedure

  • Immediately discontinue use when a suspected failure occurs to prevent further damage.
  • Have all receipts and paperwork from the installation.
  • Contact the engine installer, or a qualified repair facility, and have them contact the Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. warranty department as soon as possible (1-800-841-6060).
  • Preliminary diagnostics by the repair facility are helpful but should not be extensive. Should be used for verification of the customer’s complaint/concern only.
  • The customer must authorize teardown or diagnosis, as needed, until a cause of failure has been determined. Coverage is applied after it is determined that the cause of failure is a warrantable component. Dahmer Powertrain is not responsible for misdiagnosis, teardown (unless directed by a qualified representative of Dahmer Powertrain to aid in determination of cause of failure), or repairs for non-covered items.Unauthorized repairs or diagnostics other than verification of concern are not covered

Owner’s Responsibilities

All maintenance must be performed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The owner’s manual has different schedules depending on your driving conditions. The majority of drivers will fall under the severe service schedules and some conditions or applications may require more frequent service as described in the operator’s manual. All maintenance costs will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner and/or operator. Verifiable receipts are required for proof of maintenance. Hand-written maintenance receipts that cannot be verified will not be accepted as valid receipts. Invoices must have accurate odometer readings, dates, and VIN recorded. If the vehicle is self-maintained, verifiable receipts indicating the purchase of all required maintenance items that correspond to the recorded date and mileage of services performed.

Installer’s Responsibilities

  • Installer must identify and correct the original cause of failure as well as any external components damaged from the failure.  This includes, but is not limited to; vehicle sensors, cooling system, fuel system, wiring harness and connectors, intake and exhaust systems.
  • Installer must follow all OE-recommended installation procedures.
  • Installation errors, physical damage, and improper startup and break-in procedures are not covered.
  • Oil sump screens, radiator hoses, thermostats, PCV valves, and other maintenance items should be replaced along with the installation of our unit.
  • It is recommended to replace oil coolers (including transmission coolers), if equipped, at time of installation. Some models require the oil cooler to be replaced because flushing is not effective.
  • Pressurized pre-lube units should be used on engines that cannot be primed by mechanical methods of operating the pump.  Dry startups are not a manufacturing defect and will not be covered. Engine oil and filter should be changed within 500 miles after installation.
  • Catastrophic engine failures can cause debris to be trapped in the intake manifold. Most intake manifolds cannot be properly cleaned and must be replaced to insure they are free of debris. Ingestion of foreign debris is not covered under the warranty.
  • Most late-model CVT and automatic transmissions, especially 6-speed units, require a specific reprogram/relearn/reflash procedure upon installation of the unit.  Improper/incomplete programming will result in poor shift quality and can cause damage to the transmission. It is very important to follow directions of bulletins included with units.Technician must verify torque converter is fully seated in proper position before unit is installed.  Improperly installed torque converters can damage transmission pump gears.  Fractured/damaged pump gears are not covered under the warranty.

Shipping Damage

All shippers require the receiver to inspect freight and note any damages on the bill of lading at the time of delivery. Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. is not responsible for damages allegedly caused during shipment if it is not noted at the time of delivery on the Delivery Receipt/Bill of Lading and the delivering driver notified immediately. In the event of freight damage, Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. will assist as much as possible in the filing and handling of the claim.


Any item not specifically identified by this Warranty (or the documents referenced herein) is not covered. The following are specifically not covered by Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. and this Warranty:

  • Damage caused by lack of lubrication
  • Damage due to overheating
  • Damage caused by detonation (including broken piston rings, broken rings lands, melted pistons), pre-ignition, or bad/contaminated fuels
  • Damage to transmissions and transfer cases (cracked or broken housings) from driveline vibrations, damaged flywheel/flexplate, etc.
  • Valve adjustments
  • Failures due to burned/tuliped valves
  • Brake/parking brake adjustments
  • Damage caused by modifications
  • Gaskets not installed by remanufacturer
  • Consequential and incidental damages, lost profits (both direct and indirect), loss of time, time off of work, loss of income, loss of use, phone charges, etc. This includes but is not limited to damage to external components, even if the cause was an item covered by this warranty.
  • Damage caused by maintenance items such as PCV valves, air filters, oil filters, and fuel filters
  • Damage caused by misuse, racing, or any form of competition or timed event
  • Damage from abuse/shock load, as in the case of damaging a transmission or differential while trying to free a vehicle stuck in snow or mud
  • Damage from impact, collision, fire, rough handling, water or flood, or damage during shipping
  • Damage caused by external components not supplied by Dahmer Powertrain, Inc.
  • Failures when the heat tabs are missing or melted for any reason
  • Failures caused by overloading or operating the vehicle outside of parameters set forth by the vehicle manufacturer
  • Failures caused by neglect or continued operation with a known problem
  • Failures that occur when the oil cooler is not replaced per OEM guidelines, or cooler flush is incomplete
  • Failures caused by foreign material in combustion chambers or any other area of the unit
  • Failures when the odometer is inoperative or has been tampered with
  • Failures when there is no history of service per manufacturer’s guidelines and/or failures caused by lack of maintenance
  • Mis-diagnosis, incorrect, or un-authorized repairs
  • Labor times in excess of a nationally published labor guide for the service procedure
  • Noise(s) when there are no demonstrated or clearly failed components
  • Improper installations, servicing, repairs, or improper break-in procedures
  • Maintenance items including but not limited to spark plugs, plug wires, belts, and hoses
  • Economic losses, including but not limited to loss of time, time off of work, loss of income, loss of profits (both direct and indirect), loss of use, phone charges, legal fees, lodging, damage to external components even if the cause was an item covered by this warranty, or any other consequential or incidental charges or damages.
  • Handling fees/markup, storage fees, or miscellaneous charges
  • Hazardous materials or shop supplies
  • Repairs completed without express authorization of Dahmer Powertrain, Inc.
  • Any failures where Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. has not been paid for the original unit regardless of supplier or situation.  Cores must be returned or payment will be rescinded. Verifiable Vehicle Identification Number and installation mileage must also be provided before warranty is valid.

Waiver.  Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. is not liable for any consequential damages, incidental damages, lost profits (both direct and indirect), or economic losses of any kind. The customer hereby waives its right to collect these types of damages.

Disputes and Resolution

Choice of Law.  This Warranty shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Missouri, which shall also govern any and all disputes arising out of or related to this Warranty.

Jurisdiction and Venue.  Any and all such disputes shall be filed and defended exclusively in the courts of Jackson County, Missouri (“Jackson County Courts”), which have competent jurisdiction (over the subject matter and the parties) and proper venue. The customer consents to personal jurisdiction in the State of Missouri. The customer agrees that it will neither seek to remove nor transfer a dispute or claim from the Jackson County Courts to any other court, nor seek to have any of the Jackson County Courts abstain from exercising their jurisdiction in favor of the alleged concurrent jurisdiction of another court, forum, or tribunal. Notwithstanding any of the other provisions of this “Disputes and Resolution” section, if a claim or defense is based upon a federal law for which federal courts have exclusive subject matter jurisdiction, then the provisions of this section shall still apply, except that the term “U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri at Kansas City” shall be substituted for the term “Jackson County Courts.”



Attorneys’ Fees.  In any action arising out of or relating to this Warranty, if Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. prevails in enforcing its rights under this Warranty, it is entitled to its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs (including but not limited to court costs, litigation, expenses, expert witness fees, and related costs), and the customer agrees to pay these fees and costs. For the purposes of this provision, Dahmer Powertrain, Inc. is a prevailing party if the customer is awarded at trial an amount less than the last settlement offer made by Dahmer Powertrain, Inc.