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This section contains bulletins and pertinent information for installers or repair facilities. Many of the bulletins in this section deal with very common installation or unit problems. Always check for pertinent bulletins before beginning any installation or if a problem occurs with a unit. Check back often. We add bulletins as information becomes available. If you have any questions please call the warranty department at 800-841-6060 or email us at
Proper Regulator Valve and T.V. Valve Adjustments
413, 670, 727, 904, RH &RE
413, 670, 727, 904, RH & RE
Proper Regulator Valve and T.V. Valve Adjustments

Pressure Regulator Valve and T.V. Valve Adjustments
All Chrysler/Dodge units that have a T.V. controlled line rise will have the same adjustments of both the T.V. valve circuit as well as the Pressure Regulator valve pre-adjustment.

Pressure Regulator Valve: From the face of the valve body to the bottom of the adjustor plate for the regulator spring the measurement is 1 5/19″.

Note: The 1 5/16 setting is an approximate setting. Manufacturing tolerances may make it necessary to vary from this dimension to obtain desired pressure. By adjusting the screw one complete turn will change the line pressure approximately 1 2/3 psi. Counterclockwise will raise pressure – clockwise will lower pressure.

T.V. Valve Adjustment: A special tool from Miller Tools # C3763 is used to measure the gap distance between the throttle lever and the kickdown valve. With the tool in place, there should be no movement of the T.V. valve (valve bottomed into its bore – no movement).

Note: The kickdown valve spring must be fully compressed and the kickdown valve completely bottomed to obtain the correct adjustment.