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This section contains bulletins and pertinent information for installers or repair facilities. Many of the bulletins in this section deal with very common installation or unit problems. Always check for pertinent bulletins before beginning any installation or if a problem occurs with a unit. Check back often. We add bulletins as information becomes available. If you have any questions please call the warranty department at 800-841-6060 or email us at

Premature Bearing Failure On Rebuilt Engines Equipped With Oil Coolers

Replacing the Cooler Core


If there is a metal failure of any kind on engines equipped with oil coolers, it is imperative that the cooler core be replaced when the engine is rebuilt or repaired. Due to the construction of the core, it is not possible to adequately clean an oil cooler core when metal particles are trapped within. Failure to replace the cooler core will result in premature engine failure as the metal particles will be released into the oil, thus contaminating the entire engine.

To avoid comebacks and liability, inform your customers that the oil cooler core must be replaced under the conditions explained.

—– The AERA Technical Committee