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This section contains bulletins and pertinent information for installers or repair facilities. Many of the bulletins in this section deal with very common installation or unit problems. Always check for pertinent bulletins before beginning any installation or if a problem occurs with a unit. Check back often. We add bulletins as information becomes available. If you have any questions please call the warranty department at 800-841-6060 or email us at
Oil Cooler Replacement Caution

There are many different shapes and sizes of oil coolers being used in today’s engines. Most of these are unique to the application and OE manufacturer design. Common among all coolers are the extremely small oil passages that make up the “bundle” or “element”

“housed in the interior of the cooler. The cooling surface is maximized by keeping the individual tube’s diameter as small as possible.

This design makes it necessary to replace the oil cooler bundle or element after bearing failures, cylinder wall scoring or any other type of catastrophic engine failure that produces debris inside the engine. Remains from a failure become trapped inside the oil cooler and cannot be removed by degreasing or flushing the cooler. Trapped particles are likely to reenter the remanufactured engine’s lubricating oil supply causing a repeated failure.

New oil cooler bundles are available from various OE and aftermarket sources. Remanufactured elements that have been completely dismantled and reassembled are now also available. This is similar to a remanufactured radiator assembly process. AERA is aware of at least one remanufacturing facility of these oil cooler elements.

                                                                                                                                                                                               —– The AERA Technical Committee