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This section contains bulletins and pertinent information for installers or repair facilities. Many of the bulletins in this section deal with very common installation or unit problems. Always check for pertinent bulletins before beginning any installation or if a problem occurs with a unit. Check back often. We add bulletins as information becomes available. If you have any questions please call the warranty department at 800-841-6060 or email us at
Chrysler 2.7L Oil Change
Chrysler 2.7L Oil Change
Oil must be changed at 500 miles after installation and every 3000 miles thereafter.

Extended idling or “stop and go” usage will require more frequent oil changes.

Due to the inherent nature of the 2.7L engine, the above guidelines apply regardless of what the owner’s manual suggests.

Records MUST be kept.

Failure to abide by the above guidelines will jeopardize coverage under warranty.