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1999-2005 GM 6.0L VIN N & U Engines
Oil Pressure Readings

The AERA Technical Department offers the following information regarding engine oil pressure on 1999-2005 GM 6.0L VIN N & U engines. There has been some discussion as to what the proper engine oil pressure should be. There have been reports of customer concerns

over seeming low oil pressure for the above mentioned engines. The concerns have been expressed even though the engines have no noticeable noise or unusual running characteristics.

In some instances, to resolve customer concerns, engines have been completely disassembled to determine possible causes. After determining all bearing clearances are within specifications and engine reassembly, similar oil pressure values have been observed.

General Motors has published the normal, minimum, hot oil pressure values listed below for the 6.0L engine. If an engine is using proper oil and the pressures listed below can be obtained under hot conditions, service work to improve oil pressure readings may not be required. If oil pressure has been previously observed at a much higher value, then a leaky oil pump pickup screen “O”-Ring may be the problem.

GM Recommended Oil Pressure Readings
Minimum Hot Oil PressureRPM
6psi (42 kpa)1,000 RPM
18 psi (25 kPa)2,000 RPM
24 psi (66 kPa)4,000 RPM