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1997-2002 Ford 4.2L VIN 2 Engines
Low Oil Pressure On

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding low oil pressure after engine rebuilds on 1997-2002 Ford 4.2L VIN 2 Engines. This condition may occur anytime the oil pump screen and oil pan baffle have been removed and/or replaced.

This engine uses 6 or 7 nuts to secure the oil pan baffle to the lower portion of the main bearing caps. One of these 6mm nuts must be installed after the oil pump pick-up screen has been installed and mounted to the cylinder block. If the mounting bracket is installed over the oil pan baffle nut and an additional nut is used to secure the bracket, low oil pressure may result.

It has been determined that if the customer or technician installs the oil pump pick up screen over a stud nut at that mounting location it will tilt the pickup screen just enough to allow oil leakage where the screen mounts to the block. The pick up screen mounting flange kicks up in the rear just enough to allow air leakage. Air entering the oil supply tube will cause low and/or erratic oil pressure.

The torque values to use while installing the baffle and pick up screen are minimal so be careful while tightening to the specifications listed below.




Oil pump Pick Up Screen15-22 ft/lbs (20-30 Nm)
Oil Pan Baffle Nut30-37 ft/lbs (40-50 Nm)

—– The AERA Technical Committee