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1996-98 Ford 3.8 & 4.2L VIN 4 & 2 Engines
Lower Intake Manifold Installation Procedure

The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information regarding the lower intake manifold installation procedure for 1996-98 Ford 3.8 & 4.2L VIN 4 & 2 engines. Members have reported the lower intake manifolds are not fitting correctly after machining of various engine components.

It appears that a new style thicker bead material being used on the intake lower manifold side seal gaskets has required a new installation procedure. These side seal gasket beads are larger and have been upgraded to eliminate the possibility of any internal engine coolant leakage.

Due to slightly thicker side gasket bead material, the center bolts locations 3 and 4 in the lower intake manifold must be installed first (hand-tighten) and then fastened. Drawing center bolts # 3 & # 4 first will help aligning up the other boltholes of the lower intake manifold. Doing so will allow a much easier lower intake manifold installation process.

To complete the installation of this manifold, reference the sequence shown in Figure 1. Torque the bolts to the revised torque of 71 inch/lbs (8 Nm) and then, an additional 90° of rotation.

—– The AERA Technical Committee